Fluff Pet Store at NZX, Ara Damansara

There is a pet store at Ara Damansara that is different from most pet shops around. It is a place where many pet owners call it their second home. Why? It is homey, it feels safe and comfortable. A few dogs roam freely as the pet shop believes that well-behaved dogs should not be caged the whole day.

Fluff Pet Store is a great place to gather, especially since the entire place it is at is pet friendly. Yes, NZX or Nuizexui is a closed bazaar that allows people and their pets in, provided that they are well behaved and on a leash. A few cafes there allow pets too.

How to get there? Here is a map

Fluff is located on the 1st floor, the same row of shops with 100 Degree steamboat.

The friendly relaxed environment is different from those busy pet shops. Here you can get personalized service. Did I mention that the shop also carries sugar glider products? Go on over and check it out. I am usually there once or twice a week to offer FREE glider nail trimming and advice.

From 25 Dec to 31 Dec 2008, Fluff is having a year end sale, with products having up to 25% discount!

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