My overweight glider

Here is an article that I may need to touch since one of my own glider is having this problem.

Now Oshine was not alwasy overweight. She came to me as a slim female but after 5 months living with me, she put on quite an amount of weight. From a 90g she is now 119g. Now some may say 119g is not overweight, it is a good weight for a glider but when I see her buldge and double chin, it just looks so wrong. I showed her to my friend Eka and she lauged, saying that it was weird to see a glider without a neck. She even commented it looked like a tortoise! Now I am not offended because friends that care would voice such opinions, not to make fun but more like showing their concern in a friendly way.

I have stopped giving mealworms to Oshine when she started putting on the extra weight. But then it doesn’t help much. She is still active but I am just concern about her heart and liver. Chiwek doesn’t put on much weight, so I guess it is not really the diet but more like herbody’s metabolism. I was browsing through the Web and came across an article by SunCoast gliders,

“Now let’s jump back to our case study from last month.  In this cage, Janine is severely overweight at 185 grams.  Buddy is slightly overweight at nearly 200 grams.  Naomi is the perfect picture of health at 120 grams and Arnold is a bit on the scrawny side at 105 grams.  A common question we get asked here at SunCoast is how much should a glider weigh.  Well, unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer to this.  You see, just as people weight ranges are best targeted based upon height and frame structure, sugar glider weight ranges should also be determined based upon build.

You might notice that I said Buddy is only slightly overweight yet he weighs more than Janine by 15 grams.  He is a large glider with a significantly larger bone structure than any of the others he lives with. My best advice to you in determining a suitable weight for your glider is to find a veterinarian familiar with sugar gliders.  The sugar glider Buddy is a solid glider.  Janine, on the other hand, has a softer feel to her body mass.  The best way I can describe this to you in ordinary terms is that she feels as if she has no muscle tone.  This is a sign of obesity.  Additionally she has obvious rolls of fat under her chin.  She looks fat and a healthy sugar glider should not look fat.”

So let us take a look at some of Oshine’s pictures…

The layers of fat and the double chin….. She even has a line down her chest that makes her look like she got huge breast! A line is normal in most gliders but for Oshine, it was like 2 huge lumps instead of tiny humps.

Where is her neck?

Look at the difference between Chiwek and Oshine. They used to be almost the same size but now Oshine is almost double in size of Chiwek. Poor him, he now has to sleep with a plump potato hahahah.

What do I feed them? Fruits and GliderSLURP of course. All my gliders are on the same diet, I have 2 underweight gliders. One is Ceeko, which I am trying to push her weight up and another is my Keera, which is only 80g. I got big gliders like ChubsBoi that is around 122g and Kinta is around 130g….. Hopefully I can bring Oshine’s weight down. She is not obese yet because she can still move around, jump and run on her wheel. She jus doesn’t look good with all that extra spare layers buldging out.

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