This weekend

I will be at Pet Epicure this Sunday, from 1pm to 4pm. Now many people have asked me, do I work there? Is it my pet shop?

No, I do not work there, I just help out. It is my friend’s pet boutique. The shop is comfortable and easier for glider owners to meet me. I’m free for chats, discussions and even grooming. Yes, I provide free grooming, from nail clipping to odour control to bathing (extreme cases when needed).

So if you want to know more about suggies, drop by Pet Epicure. Visit for more details on location.

The terrible pet shop

I know the pet shop is one of the best places to view all sorts of pets in the market. I do patronize petshops just to fulfil my craving of “what’s new in the market” but I rarely make any buys because I know it could lead to some regretful purchase later. But not all people understand how pet shops get their stock. Not everyone read blogs and forums and often fall prey to the every quick and cunning salesman at a pet store that tries to offer you a great deal and bargain for the pet you want. I too have been a victim before and that was a lesson learnt and it was terribly long ago. But it is super sad when I see genuine sugar glider lovers get duped into buying underage joeys. I’m sharing this after getting permission from a guy I met last weekend and I was truly shock to see what this famous pet shop sold to him.

This guy was in desperate need of help as he was told his joey is 2 months old but he was doutful as the size was really small. But all the joeys at this petshop were all roughly the same size so he assumed what the sales person said was true. I guess after seeing the joey, he felt that he could give it a better life. Many people do this because they feel the same way. But I guess not many people seek help and often end up with dead joeys. So this joey was a little lucky to have found a good home with an owner who managed to get hold of me.

When I first saw the joey, it had a large head and small thin body. It’s tail was thin and bony and it’s grip was weak. The eyes are bright and the nose is pink, the joey just had a lively look but it’s body is just not keeping up with development. I found it hard to estimate the age because the body and head didn’t go at all in terms of size, but I have a feeling the joey was separated from it’s mom after a week from opening it’s eyes. So the joey was 3 weeks OOP when separated. The supplier must have forced the joey to wean and eat just apples and maybe some weak milk supplement mixed with Nestum. This joey could possibly be 5 weeks old, judging from the development of it’s teeth but it’s body was still the body of a 3.5 week old joey. I didn’t weigh it because I did not bring my digital scale that day, but it could be around 15g to 18g. The joey couldn’t keep warm because there was no fat in the body. I am still very worried about it as its life now is so fragile. I’m hoping it’s health would improve soon. The joey is undernourished and underage, so development is slow. I’m proud that the owner is willing to try his best to improve this little joey’s health.

Now how angry are you now after seeing the pictures? Never ever trust pet shops. If you happen to see people who are planning to get a joey from them, quickly talk to them and tell them about how unhealthy the joeys are (if they are underage or sick) or tell them about the pros and cons in keeping sugar gliders. Whenever I am at this famous pet shop, I keep an eye on who goes to the sugar glider joey cage. Once I met a couple who were about to open their wallets to pay for a joey. But once I pulled them out to an open area and explained about the care and all, they gave me a shocked look, kept back their wallets and left. They had no idea how much work and how fragile the sugar glider is. Why? The pet shop told them caring for sugar gliders is easy. It’s like keeping a hamster.

This article here is, again, for educational purposes. This guy has been kind enough to allow me to post this so that it can help people understand how often people make mistakes by trusting pet shops.. Now let us pray for this little joey to recover.

If any of you are reading this, leave some comments or share with us your experience in purchasing sugar gliders at the wrong place.

Pet Playground Online

I know it has been awhile since I updated. Anyway, here is another website that offer some pretty neat stuff for all sorts of pets through online sales. And even boarding. Just sharing a bit. Apparently their glider stuff are coming up.

I saw cages for sale, good price too.

Pet Playground is a dynamic company engaging in pet care and accessories. We are committed to provide the best service and product to all pets and their owners. As we are a pet owner as well, we know how and what pet owners need. Pet Playground is a one stop center for pet owners. We provide pet hotel, grooming, and necessities such as food, cages, toys, beds, shirts and many other products. Our cageless pet hotel is one of the newest concepts in town. Your pets will no longer confine is small cages. At Pet Playground, your pets will have lots of room to run and play with love and care from us. Best of all, you can even bring your own food, toys, and bed so that they can enjoy their stay here with minimal stress. We also provide your pets with daily walk to ensure they get adequate exercise they need. You may visit us at to know more about us.

Exotic Pets Ink

This company belongs to my friend KP. Quite well known among LowYat suggie forumers, she has been producing glider pouches and accessories for quite a few years. Now she has her own company and is distributing to a few pet shops all around Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, her company made their debut at the Malaysian Pet Expo 2009 that I was so exited about in my past post. It was her booth that I helped out. Happy to say that I am very proud of her for standing strong and with the help of her friend Has, they have both started a company that indeed will be another great contact for glider stuff.

Exotic Pets Ink

We have a non-woven shopping bag made to introduce Exotic Pets Ink and Suggies At Home. Will post up more details about it later.

Commercial breeders are the worst

Recently many commercial breeders are sprouting up, advertising in the internet to get fast money. I find it truly disgusting, cruel and down right wrong. And this is cause people support buying pets from pet shops or directly from suppliers because the price is cheaper. Yah, one may say that the price is cheaper and the joeys cuter but come on…. why support someone who is breeding for money? Why support someone who is snatching away joeys that are too young to be separated from their mom?

Just look at how a commercial breeder breeds them? Too bad the breeder is in Penang or else I would take a personal visit there. For now I’m judging by picture. The cage looks long but upon closer inspection, the long cage, which I’m guessing is about 2ft or 2.5ft the max, is actually divided into 2. There is a divider grill right in the middle. Each side of the cage only has 1 coconut and 1 container for water. Where would the food container be?

The ugly part is where he can actually produce 100 joeys at one time for sale. I have 20 gliders and they do not give me joeys at the same time. And how does a commercial breeder feeds and cares for 600 to 800 gliders? From one of the breeder’s customer’s pictures…. the joey looks underage, about 5 weeks old. I bet some are even as young as 4 weeks old. Now this not only happen to gliders, the same goes for hamsters, dogs and cats….

I’m still figuring out how this breeder can produce 100s of joeys in a span of a week or 2. Maybe it is not 600 gliders, maybe they have more. The price is of course cheap, people are attracted to the cheap price. I hope readers here will not be ignorant, learn from this post and support hobbyist breeders. Suppliers or commercial breeders or pet shops may trick you into thinking they are caring and informative but they lack in a lot of basic information. They may trick you into believing that small cages and simple cat food, mealworms and apples are the best diet. Some may trick you by saying gliders eat sunflower seeds and hamster food. So be aware of such things.

Supplements for gliders

Where to get? Well, some pet shops may tell you get this and that, but sometimes the stuff they recommend is not for gliders. A good friend introduced me to, a good online store, glider stuff easily available and mailed right to our doorstep.

Try getting hold of these awesome supplements that benefits your gliders.

Pure Acacia Gum. A carbohydrate source source for gliders. Important as gliders have high metabolism.

GliderAde, it is a nectar supplement enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Bee Pollen. This is a rich source of essentail emino acids.

Just sharing to readers about these products that can be delivered to their homes. Good stuff for our gliders.

Pet Epicure, a pet boutique.

Have you ever heard of Pet Epicure? It’s a little cozy petshop with white washed walls that sits in Taman Melawati, the same row with the Post Office. Let me tell you about Pet Epicure.

This pet boutique is a family business that doesn’t believe in selling pets. Yups, this pet boutique sells mainly pet products and does the normal grooming, boarding, advice. I frequent this place a lot that I treasure their friendship. What I see are not people in the business for money making but to help pet owners and unwanted pets. Pet Epicure runs their own rescue program. Their shop houses strays that they have rescued, nursed back to health and are awaiting adoption. Good huh?

So do they offer any sugar glider goodies? Why yes! Glider pouches from SuggieStuf are also available as well as my product, GliderSLURP. Soon there may be cages for sale. I’m also there once a week, so anyone who needs some glider advice can come over to meet me. Free nail trimming too!

Their new address is :

No.16, Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati

Contact: 03-41072973 and our email address is

New Opening Hours
We are now closed on Mondays

Tuesday to Friday 11.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Visit them at

Fluff Pet Store at NZX, Ara Damansara

There is a pet store at Ara Damansara that is different from most pet shops around. It is a place where many pet owners call it their second home. Why? It is homey, it feels safe and comfortable. A few dogs roam freely as the pet shop believes that well-behaved dogs should not be caged the whole day.

Fluff Pet Store is a great place to gather, especially since the entire place it is at is pet friendly. Yes, NZX or Nuizexui is a closed bazaar that allows people and their pets in, provided that they are well behaved and on a leash. A few cafes there allow pets too.

How to get there? Here is a map

Fluff is located on the 1st floor, the same row of shops with 100 Degree steamboat.

The friendly relaxed environment is different from those busy pet shops. Here you can get personalized service. Did I mention that the shop also carries sugar glider products? Go on over and check it out. I am usually there once or twice a week to offer FREE glider nail trimming and advice.

From 25 Dec to 31 Dec 2008, Fluff is having a year end sale, with products having up to 25% discount!

A great online pet store in Malaysia!

This new online pet store have started selling a wide range of small animal products. I have personally purchased a few items from this online pet store and it is very efficient. Goods come clean and in good condition.

Chubby Pets Garden also has a small range of products specially for gliders. The polar fleece pouches and cage accessories are just great for gliders that are kept in air conditioned rooms. Perfect warm cozy sleeping pouches. There are also play tunnels, chinchilla toys and bird toys that gliders can use.

That is only a small part, the best part is that they have Gliderade, Pure Acacia Gum and Pure Bee Pollen for sale right to your door step! Gliderade is a great supplement widely used overseas for the health of sugar gliders, Acacia gum provides gliders a natural but high quality carbohydrate that is healthier than honey and Bee pollen has the essential vitamins and minerals a glider can benefit from.

Heartless pet shops

Have you ever wondered where do pet shops get their sugar glider joey supply? How about what they feed them? Ever wondered about the age of a joey sold at most pet shops in Malaysia? If you were to ask the pet shop keeper about the joeys, they would give you very blunt answers.

How old are the joeys? – “2 to 3 months old lah”

What do you feed them?

- “Ah, easy only. Feed apples, cat food and some mealworms” or “Feed Gerber jar babyfood” or “Just apples and grapes” or “Sunflower seeds and apples”

What cage to use? – “Small bird cage or a hamster cage would do”

Easy to care? – “Very easy, like hamster only”

In reality, the joeys sold at those shops are about 4 weeks OOP to 5 weeks OOP. Their diet needs to be varied, with a good ratio of fruits and veggies, along with insects. You can read more about diet in my other article. Anyway, cages, we all know the minimum is a 3ft tall cage and they are not as easy as hamsters, quite complicated.

Photo from shakeera (LYN member)

The picture above here is an example of underage joeys in the market. This picture was taken by shakeera outside of KL Sentral. I was personally there as well but I did not have my camera at that moment. The joeys are around 4 and 5 weeks OOP, seriously hungry. The only thing available as food is half of an apple, which has gone brown with age. The joeys have nothing to sleep in but a small little cup that is barely 3 inches in diameter. Joeys at this age still need milk. They still need their mom’s warmth and care. Don’t you feel like crying when you see little baby animals snatched away before they are of the right age to cater to the pet trade? The people manning the store would tell you that the joeys are 3 to 4 months old, they are super tame and easy to care for and they should eat only apples so that they do not smell. Some rubbish advice that is, they are too young, they are too scared and weak to bite or crab and probably sick from malnutrition. The price is cheap, so this attracts a whole lot of buyers, but it is a pity to see so many people fall into this trap.

Photos from KJ (LYN member)

Do these look familiar? I won’t mention the name of the shop but the way the joeys are housed is actually a familiar sight in a particular shopping mall. The joeys in the pictures are about 3 weeks OOP to 4 weeks OOP. Extremely malnutrition, most of the joeys there are very sick. I personally saw one dying. A few other people also told me they have seen dead ones at the same place. Why are they dying? Well, the joeys have nothing to eat but a few pieces of very brown apples. At this age, the joeys need milk, apples is high in phosphorus and the joeys have not much energy to chew solid food. This makes them weak and suffer from brittle bones and poor growth later in life. Who knows how long they can live, maybe not the full 10 to 15 years of life. The worst part is that the joeys in the pictures are constantly damp with moisture from the apples and also urine, which makes the staff blow dry them with a hair dryer. This is not the way, the hair dryer can burn the joey’s delicate skin and ears, causing extreme pain. Now, don’t you feel like telling these people off about the way they are keeping the joeys? Of course rite? But whenever we open our mouths to help these joeys, the staff would turn a deaf ear and act arrogant. They would stand firm about the way they keep the joeys, saying it is the correct way and given the correct food and treatment. I once brought a 2 month OOP joey to them, and they told me my joey is not 2 months but 4 months old….. Gosh, they really do not know about joey age. They will say those that they sell(those tiny underage ones) are 2 months old and I got cheated by getting a 4 month old as a 2 month old joey. Insane….. To me, with that answer, it shows just how ignorant they are.

Photos from KJ

Look at these photos, this time it is not just joeys but adults. The adult gliders are not tame, mainly wild caught and sold with the sold purpose as breeding animals. What are they fed? Well, dried dogfood, apples and sunflower seeds. Such a fattening diet and it is really bad for gliders since the dogfood is the low quality type and sunflower seeds can cause intestinal blockage. The gliders are only given food troughs as hiding or sleeping boxes, exposing them to light. Every few days, the gliders are taken out of the shop and are showered with a hose, later dried off under the sun as if they were stuffed toys. Gliders are nocturnal so imagine how much the gliders actually suffer.

Those small bird cages house breeding pairs with joeys. They are given mainly a coconut hide and a food and water bowl. No climbing material or any toys for them to play with, just a small cage to make them breed.

Where do all these underage joeys come from? Well, from unethical suppliers of course! Due to the huge demand, suppliers are trying to maximize breeding. As hobbyist breeders, our gliders only breed twice a year, sometimes 3 times depending on their health, diet and environment. These suppliers are squeezing out 4 to 5 breedings a year. How do they do this? By separating the joey before it is properly weaned, the breeding gliders would have the urge to breed again because by nature, as soon as a joey is out of pouch and leaves the female, the gliders would then have the urge to breed again. These suppliers have about 200 to 800 breeding individual gliders, supplying joeys to pet shops that have the demand.

We can stop such suppliers and also such pet shops by just getting joeys or gliders from proper breeders. If we stop this kind of heartless sales, more gliders would stay safe. We should always aim to get proper aged joeys, which are 8 weeks OOP, never any younger.

Beware of suppliers and commercial sellers, beware of most pet shops. Do your research and you will be able to get a healthy joey.